is competition good for students essay

Pages: 2. In childhood competition, the famous words of Jean Piaget ring ever true, Play is the answer to how anything new comes about. Competition encourages us to work harder towards what we aim to achieve. Discipline: Sociology . Sources: 3. Almost every day, people have to compete at work, in family, or in society.
In addition, we may not know where we stand, be it mentally, physically and academically. Academic level: College. Healthy competition when guided, however, can endow students with a bounty of benefits: 1. When kept in perspective, competition is an amazing way to achieve goals, and it can bring out the strongest in a person. Competition is good for us as it challenges each individual.

Without competition, there would be no standards and we would not know how to improve on areas we lack. Competition for Children Growing Up Competition is something that drives a person to do better at something.
Competition Is Good. Today competition is being taking away from kids who are growing up at the ages of five and up. Argumentative Essay on Competition’s Pros and Cons. Format: MLA.

It was the spirit of competition that first revealed to us our respective strengths and weaknesses. Is Competition Really Good? When we have competitors around us, we will always make sure that we are not left behind or defeated by them. For example, in the corporate world, competition arises due to everyone’s profit motive. Different kinds of competition challenge us in different aspects and helps us to progress and move with times. Children get to learn about themselves. Without it, it would be harder to motivate people. Type of paper: Argumentative essay. Competition is a force that drives people to succeed. Order similar paper.

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