it is best to use a simple sentence structure in your essay when

Often times in writing, we know what we want to say, but it doesn't seem to come out right. Most essays have the basic structure of introduction, main body and conclusion.

Sentence types can also be combined. Basic essay structure . 'I stayed at home' is an example of a simple sentence. A simple sentence is a sentence that consists of just one independent clause. We can categorize sentences based on different criteria, and one way to categorize them is based on their structure.

A simple sentence is a sentence with just one independent clause (also called a main clause): Judy laughed. ; A complex sentence contains an independent clause and at least one dependent clause: Jimmy cried when Judy laughed. This lesson teaches about sentence structure and sentence building. In other words, a simple sentence has no dependent clauses. Introduction. A compound-complex sentence contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. This page has examples of simple sentences and an interactive exercise. ; A compound sentence contains at least two independent clauses: Judy laughed and Jimmy cried. Sentence Structure: It is essential that you understand simple, compound and complex sentences if you want to improve your grammar and get a high IELTS score. ; A compound-complex sentence contains two or more independent clauses … It's a complex sentence. “10 Sentence Structure Types You Should Recognize With Examples” is published by Ernest Wolfe in

Sentences are nice little packages of words that come together to express complete thoughts.They make it easy to understand ideas and learn information. Each student should know that the basic essay structure is the same for all essay types, be it persuasive, narrative or descriptive papers. In this video we will learn the steps needed to improve your writing with better sentence structure. Though being a basic structure, it is rarely used in colleges or universities where all papers commonly comprise three paragraphs, i.e., the introduction, body, and conclusion. Structure of an essay.

'I stayed at home because it was raining' is not a simple sentence.

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