research on cell phone use
The first cell phone was created in 1973 by Motorola. NPR… Previous research studies show no evidence of the impacts of mobile phones to human health. Those, who believe that using mobile phone … New studies … The sole function of this cell phone was to make calls. Among Millennials, meanwhile, a majority use their phones … “Current scientific evidence has not conclusively linked cell phone use with any adverse health problems, but more research is needed.” According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI): “Studies thus far have not shown a consistent link between cell phone use … Two most popular claims against the use of mobile phones are that it is: a) harmful for brains and b) a costly luxury. Teenagers who talk on the phone a lot, and hold their cell phones up to their right ears, score worse on one type of memory test. For instance, while cell phones have become ubiquitous in American households, most cell phone owners only use two of the main non-voice functions on their phones: taking pictures and text messaging. Certainly, the mobile technology also has enemies. The extensive use of cell phones is a relatively recent phenomenon, and since cancers usually take at least 10-20 years to develop, it will be years before research is likely to conclude whether cell phones … Since cell phone alerts create a chemical response in the brain, millennials have to be intentional about their phone usage at … Millennials receive an average of 109 text messages per day. Driver cell phone use is under-reported by authorities; This NSC white paper examines the challenges of collecting and reporting reliable crash data; The U.S. government website for distracted driving contains up-to-date research … Hand-held cellphone use … Teen Depression, Suicide Linked To Time Spent On Phones, Social Media This week on The Call-In, a new study suggests a link between electronic device use and depression among teens. Cell Phone Use is Under-reported. In the last 2 decades, cell phones have been created with the ability to perform other functions such as sending text messages and using … The prevalence of cellular phones, new research, and publicized crashes has started many debates related to the role cellphones play in driver distraction. That memory impairment might be one side-effect of the radiation that phones use … Another line of research accepts the concept of cell-phone addiction, broadening the possibilities and defining the behavior, together with the term “addiction” related to compulsive behavior , dependent behavior (34, 45, 67, 85, 87), and problematic, excessive, or pathological use … That’s the finding of a new study. Research published by the University of Chicago found that even if cell phones are turned off, turned face down or put away, their mere presence reduces people's cognitive capacity. This chart details state cellular phone use and texting while driving laws. The use of mobile phones always accompanied by the issue of health implications for human. Cell phones allow people to make calls from anywhere as long as there is a service network.

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