should religion play any role in public life essay
Religious factors sometimes play a subordinate role as a source of conflicts. This should not be the major influence on the direction of modern societies and cultures. The relationship between religion and the public arena is a complicated ... Should religion play a role in the public square? In your *own* public life, it can play whatever role you need. Religion is the belief in and worship of a higher power. There is no common denominator about the nature of religion and its potentially transformative role in the life of society. I do believe there's a higher being, but I'm not churchgoing — I don't think that listening to a minister or following a church's rules will save anyone from hell.' The proper role of religion in the life of our country ... in God and a belief that religion should play a major role in their individual lives. The Role Of Religion In International Relations. In this book, it is informed that how vital is religion in international relations. Religion And The Role Of Religion In Contemporary Society 909 Words | 4 Pages. Religion is a personal choice, and if you want to be religious, that's your choice. If you mean should religion play a role in *society*, the public as a whole -- no, it should not. To impose any set of religious values on the entire public … Religion may play a role in morality but it plays a bigger role in causing scientific and reality-based finding to be suppressed in favor of ideas that support church doctrine. In other words, religion is the denotation for faith. There are conceptual and practical challenges as well. You can display, it discuss it and hopefully *live* your religion when you are in public. 'I don't believe too much in organized religion. 2170 words (9 pages) Essay in Politics. It's part of my life, but in my own specific way. When one has faith, one has a reason to live, believe in something, and draw ethical beliefs from the religion that is practiced in everyday life In spite of this, engagement with religious actors remains contentious among those who fear the illiberal consequences of a resurgent religion in the public square.

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