the sound of silence essay
622 Words 3 Pages. People see this soundscape changing; our awareness is evolving, and prompting that change. It relates well to the allegory of the cave by Plato and the book Fahrenheit 451, it was actually written as a response to this book by Ray Bradbury. The song, “The Sound of Silence,” by Paul Simon is about being revealed to the light. Samuel Beckett: Sound and Silence Patrick Richert FHSU February 15, 2013 Samuel Beckett was a world renown author of poetry, novels, and theatrical plays. Seeing what one was never realized before. The Sound of Silence Response Essay; The Sound of Silence Response Essay . The song seeks to convey a message of how ignorance poisons the minds of so many people. Samuel Beckett: Sound and Silence Essay 2214 Words | 9 Pages. Silence inevitably starts with a sound , which either goes off very slowly, or ends in a Swift movement; and it ends the same way it started, with noise. Silence inevitably starts with a sound, which either goes off very slowly, or ends in a Swift movement; and it ends the same way it started, with noise. The sound of silence “A horrid stillness first invades the ear, and in that silence we the tempest fear”(Dryden, 7). He was born in Ireland and spent much of his adult life in Paris. Noise, sound, our perception of both has changed since they were recognized and “categorized” as such. ‘Silence’ refers to submission; it is revealed how people so foolishly follow the lead of others without knowing … By seeing where social problems can or will lead to in the future, people pay more attention to what is going on and they feel the need to do something about it. Response Essay Dystopian works force us to look at social problems because they exaggerate issues to get the viewer’s attention. At the beginning of one of our lessons we listened to ‘The Sound Of Silence’ by Simon & Garfunkel, we then were asked to brainstorm ideas about this piece of music and how it related to states of mind.

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