was the atomic bomb necessary essay

The usage of the atomic bomb was effective, but at the same time devastating and unnecessary.

General Hap Arnold, commander of the US Army Air Corps pointed out, “Atomic bomb or no atomic bomb, the Japanese were already on the verge of collapse.” Admiral William Leahy, Truman’s chief of staff, put it this way: “The use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. Electronics However, many believe that since Japan was already of the verge of surrender when the bombs were dropped, this argument cannot be morally validated.

There are two basic arguments for the dropping of the atomic bomb: i. The decision to use the atomic bomb was validated by the U.S., who said that the force was necessary to end the war, which, in turn, would save lives of both American and Japanese soldiers. “ The atomic bomb took four years to produce about two billion dollars” (Moss 22). 2 DEBATE ON THE PROS AND CONS OF DROPPING THE ATOMIC BOMB ON JAPAN Historians are still divided over whether it was necessary to drop the atomic bomb on Japan to end World War II. The Atomic Bomb. These two bombs shaped much of the world today. For years debate has raged over whether the US was right to drop two atomic bombs on Japan during the final weeks of the Second World War. Was Atomic Bomb Essay Necessary? The atomic bomb was necessary in world war 2 because the war would have gone on too long if we didn’t use them, and we would have suffered many more American casualties than if we didn’t. The second, which hit Nagasaki on 9 August, killed at least 50,000 people (and according to some estimates, as many as 74,000 died). ... We will write a custom essay on Atomic Bomb Necessary specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. from his essay, justifying his attitude towards the atom bomb. In the late 1930s physicists in Europe and the United States realized that the fission of uranium could be used to create an extremely powerful explosive weapon. Atomic bombs were the first nuclear weapons to be developed, tested, and used. Was the Atomic Bomb Really Necessary World War II & # 8220 ; I have to make up one’s mind Nipponese strategy-shall we invade Japan proper or shall we bomb … The atomic bomb killed many innocent people, but it was necessary to end World War II. Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay. Today many argue over whether or not the US should have taken such a drastic measure. The United States had dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. The Atomic Bomb The Manhattan Project was a United States government research project where they produced the first atomic bomb.The project started in 1942, with only six thousand dollars in funding, and ended in 1945, when the first atomic bomb was produced. For this debate, you are not limited to the months prior to August 6, 1945. But, not any isotope of uranium can be used.

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